Light Fabrication Unit

It is located less than 10kms from Bangalore city centre and has 20000 sqft built area. With specialized machinery for sheetmetal processing, we can manufacture ready to assemble Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium components for multitude of sectors ranging from Automotive after services to pharmaceutical industries. With an integral design team and experienced sourcing network and dedicated leaders, we can assure our customers of providing the best possible combination of quality and costing for batch manufacturing.


20000 sqft built area with 15 T EOT crane

Operations Handled

Designing - CNC cutting - Bending- Fabrication - Size checking - Welding - Weld testing (radiography/dye penetration ) - Powder coating / Painting/ Passivation


Qualified welders for both TIG and MIG welding Fitters with over 15 years of experience Dedicated Design, Sourcing, Quality assurance and Project handling team


  • CNC LASER CUTTING MACHINES with capability to cut 16mm thickness in Mild steel and 12mm thickness in Stainless steel
    • Quattro (AMADA)
    • FOM 23015NT (AMADA)
  • NC Press Brake 80T (AMADA)
  • NC Press Brake 100T (AMADA)
  • MIG CO2 Welding (Esab) - 15 machines with qualified welders
  • TIG Welding (Esab) - 4 machines with qualified welders
  • NC Shearing Machine